Leadership Programme

Working Group Members trained as Gender Leadership Programme moderators

  • February 12th – 14th
  • 4 X 3 hour sessions
    • Why Diversity and Gender Equity are important
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Personal Brand and Communication
    • Change Management
    • Mentoring
    • Leadership Journey
  • The Working Group were trained as moderators through WA Gender Leadership facilitated by Jamie Frampton
  • All participants successfully completed

International Women’s Day

  • Collected videos of women running/walking from 16 countries
  • Created collaboration video Mar 6th
  • Video attached

World Athletics Global Conference on Gender Leadership

Inspiring Women Leaders in Athletics

  • November 18th
  • 169 participants
  • Donna Raynor(Chairperson) a keynote speaker
    • Where do women see themselves in 5 years?
      What obstacles do women need to overcome to achieve their goals?
      Who can help you on your leadership journey?

Gender Leadership Working Group facilitated NACAC Gender Leadership Seminar

  • April 19th & 20th
    • Why Diversity and Gender Equity are important
    • Emotional Intelligence
  • May 21st &  22nd
    • Personal Brand and Communication
    • Change Management
  • June 18th & 19th
    • Mentoring
    • Leadership Journey
  • 56 Attendees
  • 24 Countries
  • Sessions were held in Spanish and English
  • All attendees received completion certificates

Celebration of NACAC Athletes

  • Celebrate our Uniqueness
    • Related to the performances of our NACAC athletes at the Tokyo Olympics
    • Pay homage to the achievements of NACAC athletes women and men
    • Acknowledge the significance of the women in respect of their proven case for gender equity and recognition alongside their male counterparts
  • December 11th, 2021
  • Athlete speaker
    • Shaunae Miller-Uibo (Bahamas)
    • Kirani James (Grenada)
    • Stephanie Ann McPherson (Jamaica)
    • Steven Gardiner (Bahamas)
    • Genevieve Lalonde (Canada)
  • 150 persons signed up
  • (video and ad attached)