CAN – Canada Names Team for IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019

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Athletics Canada has selected 49 athletes for the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019, which will be held from 27 September – 6 October.

“Having some veterans, along with rookies, is part of the tapestry of our sport; it bodes well,” said head coach Glenroy Gilbert. “When you look back at 2017, the performance as a whole was lacking for various reasons. We are looking for a better result this year, but the challenges will be there. In Doha, the challenges will be the heat and the time zone, but I think we’ve done a good job trying to mitigate those situations for our athletes. I’m expecting that our team will be prepared and ready to perform.

“In Doha, we could see a number of athletes on the podium or within striking distance,” added Gilbert. “Aaron Brown has shown he’s in good form in the 100m and 200m, as is Andre De Grasse. Alysha Newman is right up there, especially after her performance at the Diamond League meet in Paris, as is Brittany Crew and Gabriela DeBues-Stafford. Mohammed Ahmed is fit and has dropped some big performances, while the decathlon duo of Damian Warner and Pierce LePage is going to be exceptional. Not to mention our mixed 4x400m relay team that won medals at the IAAF World Relays, as well as the 4x400m women.”

100m: Aaron Brown, Andre De Grasse
200m: Aaron Brown, Andre De Grasse, Brendon Rodney
400m: Philip Osei
800m: Marco Arop, Brandon McBride
5000m: Mo Ahmed, Justin Knight
10,000m: Mo Ahmed
Marathon: Berhanu Degefa, John Mason
3000m steeplechase: John Gay, Matthew Hughes, Ryan Smeeton
High jump: Django Lovett, Michael Mason
Shot put: Tim Nedow
Decathlon: Pierce LePage, Damian Warner
20km race walk: Evan Dunfee
50km race walk: Mathieu Bilodeau, Evan Dunfee
4x100m: Jerome Blake, Bismark Boateng, Aaron Brown, Andre De Grasse, Brendon Rodney, Gavin Smellie
Mixed 4x400m: Austin Cole, Philip Osei, Graeme Thompson

100m: Crystal Emmanuel
200m: Crystal Emmanuel
400m: Madeline Price, Aiyanna Stiverne
800m: Lindsey Butterworth
1500m: Gabriela DeBues-Stafford
5000m: Gabriela DeBues-Stafford, Jessica O’Connell, Andrea Seccafien
10,000m: Natasha Wodak
Marathon: Sasha Gollish, Melanie Myrand, Lyndsay Tessier
3000m steeplechase: Maria Bernard, Genevieve Lalonde, Regan Yee
100m hurdles: Phylicia George
400m hurdles: Sage Watson
Pole vault: Alysha Newman
Shot put: Brittany Crew, Sarah Mitton
Javelin: Liz Gleadle
20km race walk: Rachel Seaman
4x400m: Alicia Brown, Madeline Price, Maya Stephens, Aiyanna Stiverne, Katherine-Jessica Surin, Sage Watson


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